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Hailing right from the founder's words-its inception,history and commitment towards humanity.
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    Dr Narender Singh Raghav

    B.A.M.S. (Ayurvedacharya)Regd no-9242

    “As globalization takes over our world at a rapid pace, it is unsurprising to see an increase in the popularity of alternative health and wellness destinations across the planet. The daily stresses to keep up in this fast-paced world, and the growing lack of faith in allopathic medication has forced people to look elsewhere and explore other forms of treatment for health and rejuvenation.
    It was with this vision that my wife and I decided to venture upon what we know best and what our forefathers had known for so long. Over two decades ago, we decided to show the world that Ayurvedic treatments coupled with a modern facilities in a peaceful and green setting would create the ideal environment for recovery.
    During these last few years, many new resorts and centers have been set up, all claiming to provide “Ayurvedic” treatments. However, most of these treatment centres neglect even the basic principles of Ayurveda and Hospitality. Our aim therefore, was simple - to create awareness of the quality and efficacy of Ayurveda when it is done right. Our aim was to cut through all economic classes instead of concentrating solely on the premium segment, so that an overall awareness of this great medicinal form could reach the masses as well. When properly conducted, Ayurveda is a fantastic and proven way to treat one’s body and mind for recovery, cure and a preventative state of health.
    We at the K R FOREVER NATURAL CARE Group inherently believe that the overall service we provide as hosts is just as important as the Ayurvedic treatments and other facilities at our destinations. It is this standard that drives us to constantly improve our management techniques, and elevate our goals in terms of how we run our centres and resorts. This allows us to manage, operate and promote existing hotels and resorts that share this high standard, regardless of the location. Our mission is and will always be to set the benchmark in standards for both Ayurveda and Hospitality.”
    I am happy that KR Forever Natural Care has lived this axiom since its inception, always moving forward; exceeding goals; enabling people to live better, healthier and safer.

    We welcome you with open arms to be a part of the growing family of KR Foever NaturalCare, a company that is fast making its name in the arena of Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Home Care Products. Since 1991, KR Forever NaturalCare of companies include

    • KR Forever NaturalCare Food Suppliment Division
    • KR Forever NaturalCare Health Care Division
    • KR Forever NaturalCare

    Within this very short span of time, the Nutravedic group has moved ahead towards success with major achievements in the field of Consume Care, Consumer Health, Food and others.

    The KR Foever NaturalCare products adhere to strict quality control procedures, which is why the KR Foever NaturalCare products are seen with highest appreciation in their respective market segments. The Promoters of the company with their vast experience in the field of personal care products, Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutraceuticals have formulated many exceptional Health Care Remedies, which are in great demand throughout the year. Not only importance is given to the herbs and nutrition that form part of the combination medicine, but also immense importance is given to the harmonious combination of Vital Nutrients and also to the fact that important ingredient herbs are taken form the plants in the right season when their curative properties are at their peak.

    Take this opportunity to acknowledge sincere, focused, hard work of team KR Forever Natural Care – my extended family. Of course, I am more than grateful to ever growing consumer base, and I foresee a bright future ahead. I am confident that KR Forever Natural Care shall leave its footprint in most of the world markets.

    Dr Narender Singh Raghav